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Timmons Design Engineers is committed to incorporating and integrating the principles of sustainable design in all our projects. When feasible we incorporate design practices outlined in the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED® Green Building Rating System™. LEED® provides a definitive standard for what constitutes a “green building”.

Why Build Green

According to the American Institute of Architect’s Committee on the Environment, the construction and operation of buildings consume 35 percent of the total US energy output. Buildings consume more than 60 percent of the electricity generated in the US and this energy consumption accounts for at least 35 percent of the US carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a byproduct of fossil fuel burning power plants. Other environmental factors of electricity consumption are – nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone and particulates. Buildings use 35 percent of all materials produced in the US and more than 25 percent of the world’s harvested wood. More than 210 million tons of solid waste is generated and disposed of each year, a large portion is attributed to construction site and building waste use.

However, the decision to build “green” need not be borne solely out of a personal conviction to conserve the earth’s finite resources, but rather, from economic considerations as well. Environmental, economic, health and community benefits include:

    • Enhance and protect natural habitats
• Improve air and water quality
• Reduce solid waste
• Conserve natural resources
    • Reduce Operating Costs
• Enhance asset value and profits
• Improve employee productivity and satisfaction
• Optimize life-cycle economic performance
    Health & Community
    • Improve air, thermal and acoustic environments
• Enhance occupant comfort and health
• Contribute to community health, vitality and aesthetics
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